Small Classes to Ensure Students Get Enough Attention


  • ID: 23

Our regular programme is a holistic approach to teaching language. Children are engaged in fun and motivating activities that help them develop their skills in all areas of English. The four main areas of language development that we cover include Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Through these main areas we…

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  • ID: 26

We offer extension classes for students who pass a screening test. These classes offer challenging activities, often 1-2 years above their chronological age to continue to develop their skills in creative and critical thinking and empathy and prediction skills. All the students in the class are of a similar level…

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  • ID: 27

We offer a number of short courses in specific areas to give children a ‘boost’ in a particular area that they may be lacking. All short courses run for 10 weeks. These courses are an intensive programme that focus on one particular area of the English Language. We currently have…

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