Our regular programme is a holistic approach to learning English. Children are engaged in fun and motivating activities that help them develop their skills in all areas of English. The five main areas of language development that we cover include Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking. Through these main areas we target English skills to be developed such as composition writing, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, phonics and more.

To teach these five main areas we follow a well developed schedule of themes that are aimed at children’s interest. Through these themes, we plan lessons to help individuals develop their overall language development.

Our Regular Programme is an ongoing programme that student can enrol in at any stage of the year. As we plan our lessons to help individual children, parents do not need to worry that their child may have missed some important information should they join throughout the year. Due to our engaging themes we are able to cover all aspects of English and revisit different areas over again to increase confidence and understanding of the different areas of English.