We offer a number of short courses in specific areas to give children a ‘boost’ in a particular area that they may be lacking. These courses are an intensive programme that focus on one particular area of the English language. We currently have short courses in the following areas:


In this programme, we adopt a learn-practise-play approach to teach young children phonics in an
interactive way – the way that young children learn best.

Children will be actively involved in:
• Learning 40+ letter sounds and letter/word formations.
• Learning sound blending and phonograms.
• Improving articulation and pronunciation.
• Developing confidence and fluency in oral expressions.
• Expanding their vocabulary through spelling, reading and writing.

Resources used will include flashcards, craft materials, sound books, worksheets and story books.
Our Phonics module lets children learn words in context. Beside phonetic words, children also learn sight words (many of which are high frequency words) so that they can apply their skills in reading real books. The sense of achievement when children learn to read at a young age will spur them to read even more!

    Storytime Literacy

    A literacy programme designed to help children develop their love of stories and story writing. Students will interact with the teacher listening to, and writing stories each day. Students will learn how to create ideas and enjoy the process of writing their very own stories.

    The teacher will guide each student onto their ‘next step’ in the writing process. Mastery of new skills will include learning to recognise and write letter-sounds, new words and sentences.

    This course includes Big Book Storytime, Group Story Writing, and Individual Story Writing which incorporates creative and oral language activities.


      The transition from Kindergarten to Primary 1 is a big leap for all children. It is important that we provide them with a strong foundation so that the children will feel more confident, self-assured and well-prepared for the challenges ahead. With added skills, increased awareness and better understanding, STARTING SCHOOL WILL BE A WONDERFUL, EXCITING TIME FOR YOUR CHILD.
      Children will be actively involved in:-

      • Reading and writing skills for S1
      • Phonological & spelling activities
      • Punctuation & editing
      • Using a dictionary to find and record definitions of words
      • Oral, listening and written comprehension exercises
      • Completing cloze passages
      • Poetry/Creative Writing
      • Shared /individual reading and book reviews
      • Picture descriptions and discussions
      • A range of interesting creative activities that enhance English and other curriculum areas including games, role play, songs and simple science experiments.

        Creative Writing

        This 10-week programme is designed to assist those students who have a particular need to improve their composition writing. All students will be given extra assistance in areas of weakness.

        The main focus will be on writing and students will complete at least one piece of writing in every session. Each creative writing lesson will be related to a topic or a book and will include:-

        (1) Input activities
        - stimulus materials developing vocabularies and ideas
        - skills in sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and grammar

        (2) Output activities
        - draft pieces of writing in a particular style/genre

        (3) Editing
        - correction/improvement of draft writing to produce a “Final” copy.

        The structure and content of written work are reinforced and strengthened in a positive learning environment, which encourages students to express themselves confidently and creatively. Students will develop brainstorming, editing, grammar and mind-mapping skills to become strong and creative writers.

        Since the lessons are self-contained, students may commence the Creative Writing classes at any time.

          Vocabulary & Grammar

          This course is very popular among parents and students as it gets them off to a ‘good start’ in their writing development. Through encouraging students to explore language, vocabulary is extended and incorporated into story writing. Exciting colourful texts are shared with the class providing an interesting base for students own story writing. Grammar is a consistent focus throughout all lessons contributing to a sound skills base in this important area. The fun interactive approach offered through all our courses, provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore language in a supportive environment.
          Every lesson includes:-
          • A variety of vocabulary building exercises encouraging use of interesting language
          • A written piece of work incorporating newly learned skills
          • Shared reading of high quality texts
          • Grammar skills activities
          • Opportunities for students to share ideas and successes


            Comprehension is the most accurate indication of a person’s reading skills. The ability to have words on a page turned into thoughts, ideas and understandings is the true measure of reading. We have derived courses for all levels that are based around improving a child’s comprehension skills. These courses have been created with the understanding that a person’s ability to retain and apply what has been learnt is the best measurement for learning. The courses, created by Morris Allen teachers, are specific to the needs of the intended levels. The teachers have carefully chosen reading material that is designed to pique a student’s interest in the text.

              Novel Study

              Lessons focusing on parts of speech, vocabulary, sentence structure and various styles of writing are all included in this fun packed course. Children will love and relate easily to the characters in the story. Through studying the key skills mentioned above and applying that knowledge into their written work, students produce fun and meaningful outcomes. These learning outcomes will benefit them not only in their confidence and ability to write but also to read for pleasure and understanding.

                Secondary Intensive Course

                This 10 week programme is designed to help students with the advanced elements of the English language expected at secondary school. Included in this course are a range of interactive activities that involve the development of; composition and essay writing, reading skills for better comprehension, keys for improving grammar and editing, developing better quality sentences through synthesis and transformation and building stronger vocabulary and knowledge of words. This is a 10 week intensive programme that will reward committed students with strategies for success in English.